Code Enforcement

Role of Code Enforcement Officer:

Code Enforcement Officerís are assigned a geographic area of incorporated Williston and are responsible for the enforcement of Willistonís Zoning Code, Sign Code, Nuisance Codes, Property Maintenance Code, and Animal Control.

The Code Enforcement Officers either self observes violations or receive complaints from the public and/or other governmental agencies.

Upon observing a violation, a Code Enforcement Officer documents the conditions of the property by:

  • Visual observation
  • Written reports
  • Photographic evidence
  • Wayne Carson
    Code Enforcement/Animal Control Officer

    Whenever possible, personal contact is made with the property owner and or person responsible for the violation and a violation notice is issued to the owner. The notice states:

  • The nature of the infraction
  • What must be done to correct the violation
  • Any administrative relief processes available
  • The enforcement avenue which will be taken if the violation is not corrected
  • The date by which correction is required.
  • City of Williston - Code of Ordinances
    The City of Williston utilizes The above link will break due the changes that are posted in the code.

    When it does our ordinances can be found manually by:
    1. Go into the Municode Library
    2. Select State - FL
    3. Select - Williston
    4. Click the button "Williston Code of Ordinances".

    Role of Animal Control:

    Animal Control strives to protect people and property from the dangers of roaming, unrestrained animals as well as protecting pets from the dangers these animals face in the wild and on our busy streets and highways.

    Williston Animal Control covers incorporated Williston only.

    We control stray animals and potentially dangerous animals roaming at large.

    Animal Control is often confused with The Williston Animal Group (WAG). "WAG" is an animal welfare organization, funded and operated independently with donations from private citizens.

    Even though Animal Control and WAG often work together very closely, the WAG does not respond to complaints from the public regarding violations. These are violations such as dogs and cats running loose, nuisance animals, or animal bites. This is the responsibility of Animal Control. Even though Animal Control has a deep concern for animal welfare, our primary purpose is rabies control and Code Enforcement.