Administration is comprised of the Chief of Police, the Deputy Chief of Police, the Administrative Assistant/Records Supervisor/Evidence Custodian and the Records Specialist/Crime Analyst. These offices oversee daily administrative operations and the departmental budget.

   Some of the people in this unit code and store evidence send evidence to laboratories for analysis, order and maintain cars and vital supplies, fulfill records requests, down and store video camera evidence, ensure building maintenance, test and communicate with applicants, prepare and answer correspondence with vendors, and obtain repairs and maintenance to all building systems.

   Management propagates and ensures compliance with orders, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and memorandum, effects discipline as needed, communicates with other department heads and the Mayor of Williston, answering inquires and complaints, arrange training and ensures continuing certification of all employees as required by law. Management also meets with outside agencies, maintain memorandaís of understanding. Management stays abreast of local, state, and national events which affect the terms and conditions of our employment, responsibility, and legal authority. In addition the section applies for grant for equipment, materials, and training necessary to complete the departmentís mission.

Dennis Strow

Chief of Police

Clay Connolly

Deputy Chief of Police

Brooke Willis

Administrative Assistant/Records Supervisor/Evidence Custodian