Williston Police Department
Fallen Officers Memorial

David W. Moss (Corporal)
End Of Watch - 07/30/1988
Williston Police Department

At 2:09 A.M. on July 30, 1988 Corporal Moss arrived at the scene of what appeared to be a disabled vehicle near the corner of southwest 6th Street and 1st Avenue in Williston.

Eight minutes later, Corporal Moss stopped responding to calls from dispatch. His partner arrived on scene, and after a search he found both David and his assailant dead.

The forensic investigation showed Corporal Moss was shot and killed in a gunfight. Before David died he fired 6 rounds, hitting his assailant with 5 of them. David died within seconds of being hit. He died doing the only thing he had ever wanted to do with his life. He made a positive difference in the lives of those he served and protected. That was his simple goal, to make the world a better place, and he did.

In the words of Rev. Bill Owens, "Public service is not an easy profession. A public servant's time is invested in bettering lives. David Moss was not afraid to make that investment"

Corporal Moss was 31.